What is the Arena Guide Canada?

Arena Guide Canada is an easy way for parents, skaters, players, and coaches alike to find all the information, relevant to them, on one platform or website. Arena information on municipal websites differs from municipality to municipality, the Arena Guide compile all of this information so rink patrons, like us, could find what they needed all with one search!

The Arena Guide is mobile friendly and easy to use. Users can visit Arenaguide.ca before travelling to an arena and plan their route. Arena Guide provides users with the weather forecast in an arena’s location (by using OpenWeather Map), highlight transit options to the arena (personal vehicle, bicycle, walking, or public transit).

When available, the user will also have a direct link to the arena activities calendar, accessibility information and jobs postings. We’re also the only arena directory to feature a Facebook feed on the same page to keep current with the arena events.

Arena Guide uses Bird’s Eye View Inc. and Google street view to show the geographical location of the arena and users can find accommodations and amenities in the surrounding area, as well as amenities of the facilities themselves.

What is the Arena Guide’s Go Green Framework?

Arena Guide’s Go Green framework, containing of nine categories, which features an array of ideas and suggestions to help lower the arenas footprint.

We believe that by optimizing the electricity consumed, the natural gas used, the water applied and the waste streams controlled, the carbon footprint of the facility and operational cost for rink operators and tax payers can be lowered dramatically. These cost savings contribute to keep hockey, figure skating, curling and other ice sports affordable.

The nine categories are: 

Ideas and suggestions highlighted in this section to lower the arena’s footprint are distributed as a guide only. They have been compiled from reliable sources and represent the best current opinion on the subject.